Turn Up the Music, Break Out of the Funk!

We all set goals for ourselves at the start of the New Year for a reason – 2020, clear eyes, full hearts! Now that we’re in Q4 of 2020 (and it’s been quite the year), you might feel like you’ve been totally unproductive.

So, what are some ways to combat this and break out of the funk? Below are a few practices I’ve put in place to help motivate and give myself the kick-start I need to conquer my goals:

Dive in and let yourself get immersed in the project.

Sometimes, you just need to take that first step before you’re on a roll! Start by creating an outline or plan of action listing out your milestones & timeline! Remember, goals are achieved one step at a time. Focus on each step and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to achieving it.

Grab an accountability partner!

Being the sole source of motivation for yourself can be exhausting. Call in a friend. Have them help you, push you, and hold you accountable for the goals you set for yourself. You can do the same for them! You’re more likely to set realistic and attainable goals for yourself with someone else keeping you on track.

Put together a fierce playlist that makes you want to go after it.

Music can help evoke strong emotions. Tap into this by compiling a playlist that makes you feel fearless and gives you visions of the boss lady you’re going to become. Whether you listen to it on your commute, have a quick dance break, or jam out while grinding through your to-do list, set your environment up so it helps motivate you. Dream it, see it, be it!

Remind yourself why you want to achieve the goal(s). 

Why did you set these goals for yourself in the first place? Most of us don’t put together a list with the hopes of failing. You set them for a reason! If you haven’t already, write them down and put it somewhere, you’ll see and be reminded of them every day. It can be above your desk or hidden away in a drawer; make sure it’s somewhere you’ll see them. You are qualified to attain them in your own unique way but you’re going to have to work at it.

Remember how far you’ve come and appreciate all the hard work you’ve put in! We’ve been working towards goals our entire lives, from our first words to our first thesis or our first steps to our first marathon. You’d be doing yourself a disservice if you gave up this far in the game! Give yourself a pat on the back for everything you’ve accomplished so far and a reminder that you’re already on track to make your dreams a reality!

How do you motivate yourself when you’re in a bit of a funk? Comment below!

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