Waterfalls: A Gateway to Unlock Ourselves

Waterfalls, one of nature’s beauties that could be found in forest or rocky areas alike. The sight of water alone makes us want to follow it as it is an important factor of life. In fact, by being near a waterfall, it allows us to find ourselves as some people believe that waterfalls are a bridge between the physical and spiritual world.

If this is hard to comprehend then think about it this way. Being around a danger-like experience allows our minds to be clear and think in one direction rather than many. In this case, waterfalls serve this purpose as they emanate heavy pressure and sounds, especially if you are underneath one. Due to the body being triggered by this sense, our body and mind is filtering out our feelings that we might have yet to comprehend or struggle on.

During this time, past memories also surface back into our minds to allow a person to fully understand what they aren’t aware of in themselves or a situation. For this reason, waterfalls allow us to freely open ourselves up, and to help ease the burdens that we hold. It’s not so much of a ritual thing as it is more of an experience when put into this perspective.

A gentle waterfall also serves its purpose through careful observation and being in tune with nature. By listening to the soothing sound of cascading water and being filled with the cool mist that surrounds it, it leaves a person to feel calm and peaceful. In this instance it might allow them to search for their feelings and have a clear mind to think them through, which will improve their overall performance in themselves. As an added bonus, the wildlife and plants that surround a waterfall might impact a person as their mind expands into good thoughts and aura that will carry with them, depending on how they comprehend with the effect.

Despite how fast the world is advancing, waterfalls are still important in our daily lives as it helps decipher ourselves and our feelings. Furthermore by witnessing wildlife around us, we feel an inner peace from our bodies and mind. Therefore waterfalls releases all the negative energy, and replaces it with peace and calmness to aid us in the hardships of human life.


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