How to Give Back During the Pandemic and Boost your Mood Up!

We all know how hard the Coronavirus is affecting everyone, from losing their jobs to working at home, as well as finding other ways to survive. These are difficult times. We think that we might not have much to give, but we do.

If we give back to others in need, it might help boost our moods as well. From this, we will form a strong connection with one another that will help us get through the virus or any other situation. We all need a lending hand, especially when times are tough. Therefore if we help each other, we can survive it better than if we were to do it alone. Below are some tips and ways we could help each other. 

  1. Talking: Even a quick “checking up on you” text message or call is beneficial as it calms the other person in the line that they have someone to turn to should something happen to them. This will reduce a person’s depression and anxiety as the virus is a scary thing to comprehend. This method is especially effective towards the elderly as they cannot have any visitors due to protect themselves from the illness. They would appreciate the call to check up on them or distract their minds about what is currently happening.
  2. Donations: Donations of any kind, whether its food, clothes, or even money is really helpful. More than ever, many people need help to acquire basic needs to survive, especially if they lost their jobs. Life is precious, and by giving to others, we help them get through a tough time in which they might feel as if they are losing hope. Donating is an emotional and impactful thing that people are very gracious for throughout their lives. 
  3. Supporting local businesses: Restaurants and family businesses are struggling at this time since they cannot support in-dining seating or have their usual store hours ever since the epidemic hit. Due to this, it is important to show community spirit by buying from them to help them support their businesses and their families. These types of business are unique as it tells of a family’s hard work and passion; they have to be part of their very own company. By buying from them, we are keeping their dreams and livelihoods alive! 
  4. Info Spread: Since everyone is mostly at home, why not share our knowledge to help each other’s futures? This activity is essential as, after COVID19, jobs are most likely to change because of its occurrence. Therefore, by relaying information and skills to one another, we can help each other get back in the work-force to feed and shelter our family and friends. It can be as simple as hosting a zoom meeting or picking up a phone! 

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