Sometimes In The Middle Of Chaos, You Find Yourself

“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of chaos, and sometimes in the middle of chaos, you find yourself.” – Boonaa Mohammed

Being alone in quarantine has its many rewards, even if the situation is gloomy. For one, we could take this time to understand ourselves better by coming to terms with our past and present.

By reminiscing our memories and day, we could discover a trait about ourselves that we did not notice about beforehand.

These realizations could be beneficial in the future as you might connect with other people due to your interests or traits, exploring the world to find yourself (at a safe distance or on the computer), figuring out what you need to do to improve yourself, or even discovering what you enjoy eating the most and hate so that you could plan out your meals.

It’s as easy as sitting down on the couch with a cup of tea and relaxing. Why hide your true colors? Now’s the time to find yourself so that your life could be happier after quarantine is over, so you could reveal to the world who you are as an individual and what makes you special.

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