Unwanted Treasures

Many things change over time, whether it may be a country’s reforms, the top ten most popular songs, and so one. This includes fashion as well as it changes yearly, if not monthly.

However, this elderly couple has taken fashion into a renewable and inspiring approach to coordinate clothes in a number of ways.
In the coastal city of Taichung, Taiwan, 84-year-old Hsu Sho-Er and her husband, 83-year-old Chang Wan Ji, have owned a laundromat store for over 70 years.

After seeing his grandparents bored at work, Reef Chang proposed that they set up an Instagram account to wear clothes that were abandoned from the laundromat, and take pictures to post in the app. At first, Wan Ji was skeptical as he initially thought: “Will anyone want to look at this?” However, after a month of joining Instagram and posting 26 pictures of their outfits and poses, the couple have accumulated over 639,000 followers.

Now the couple enjoys posting and creating new outfits to share with the world as Sho-Er commented that “knowing that people still like me makes it feel like I have more grandsons and granddaughters.” Reef Chang had started this project to reveal that age is not a barrier to have fun in fashion and that even old clothing can be transformed into a trendy and cool outfit.

Not only that, but he also wanted his grandmother to relive her younger years as she was a fashionable girl who had two full wardrobes of clothes that were similar to the female stars in her generation. It is thanks to the love and attentiveness of their grandson that had made it possible for his grandparents to connect to millions of people and to inspire them as well.

From their experience, we as readers can take away many life lessons. An important lesson to remember is that we are never too old to be fashionable or do anything that we set our mind to. With a little innovation and positivity, anything is possible. One’s trash is another’s treasure in which it could improve a person’s happiness and well-being. So let’s create something today!


CNN: Elderly laundromat owners go viral modeling customers’ forgotten clothes

People: Elderly Laundromat Owners Go Viral for Modeling People’s Abandoned Clothes: ‘Pick Up Your Laundry’

Instagram: @wantshowasyoung


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