Covid-19 Wake-up Call?

Before Covid-19, sometimes it felt like we were surrounded by people, but so completely alone. Suddenly, due to Covid-19, we realize that the thing we are craving the most is interaction. Literally, any kind of interaction. That need for human connection is so strong.

We are social animals. Our very existence was predicated on a community structure. It’s what moved us forward.

The isolation of not being able to have that connection has been challenging on everyone, but it can also be viewed as a gift. We are suddenly able to understand some of society’s most vulnerable.

From the impoverished to the incarcerated, this experience should be a wake-up call to all of us that we need to change our own approaches to our lives and embrace each other more, because when that option is taken away from us, like it has been during this pandemic, we are suddenly understanding that it can be worse.

What have you learned from your wake-up call?

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