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⁣Don’t want to read and watched everything on tv? Turn to podcasts.


This audio drama is about an American Public Radio reporter, Lia Haddock, asking “What happened to the people of Limetown,” a small town where over 300 people disappeared. This podcast is a dramatic mystery and thriller as you listen in on the recordings by Lia. Limetown easily pulls you into bingeing all the episodes. There are two seasons so far for this podcast. Each episode will keep you guessing and wanting more. Luckily when you want more, you can watch the Facebook original show based on the first season and a book of the same name that is a prequel to the first season.⠀


Listen to the host’s Rowan Hall and Tracey Harrison, talk about myths, legends, and the staying power of these and all stories. They dissect what a myth is and was. The two will also delve into stories that have been retold and reshaped as the humans that told them needed them. Each episode looks into a different story and uncovers the lessons, audiences, and/or the reason for being created. If you love myths, fables, folklores, and any kind of story, then this podcast, searching and finding the reoccurring themes and plots, is the best for you.


Hosts, YouTubers, brothers, and beloved authors, John and Hank Green, give dubious but heartfelt advice to the questions written in by the listeners. This podcast is kind of like an advice column but audio. Some questions are lighthearted and funny but answered very seriously and philosophical, while serious questions are answered flippantly and lighthearted. Both brothers do their best to answer the questions with their self-proclaimed limited knowledge and what they look up beforehand or even as the show goes on. There is always a couple of dubious sponsors and dad jokes in each episode (250 plus). And if you aren’t sold, they also provide the latest news of the English football team, AFC Wimbledon, and planet Mars.⠀


Do you like conspiracy theories? Well, with this podcast, you will be listening to the daily news of a small desert community called Night Vale and it’s strange and unusual residents that, in many ways, are their own conspiracy story. Your host Cecil Palmer is the voice of Night Vale, and from his radio studio, he tells you what is going on in town. If you like the strange, weird, and science, then this audio not-really linear story is for you. You can binge the 170+ episodes (which I recommend) or start with the most recent one. This podcast is a good dose of weird with an amazingly voiced radio host. The creators have also come out with books and side podcasts that delve deeper into this town’s residents and lore.⠀


This Dungeons & Dragons podcast is a group of friends coming together to play a game of Dungeons & Dragons … but their characters are all middle-aged dads from our world that are transported to a fantastical world. Unfortunately they were with their sons on the way to a soccer game before they were transported, and now that they are in a different world, the dads have been separated from their sons. This campaign of D&D is centered around finding the sons and confronting the different parenting styles between the dads. Be prepared for laughs and WTF moments. These podcasts can be found on your device’s podcast app or on Spotify, or anywhere else you find podcasts.

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