Adapting to Cook

At times life could be hard to live in with the rise of the population and the rise of currency to rent an apartment. Some people don’t even have a home and are sad and worrisome about living through it. However, this Chinese truck driver is considered an inspiration to not only those who are unfortunate not to have a home, but also to the whole world to adapt to what a person has and make it work to fit their current lifestyle.

Yu Dahai, a truck driver in China, is becoming an internet sensation by posting videos of how he cooks his truck’s meals. With a small freezer of food, a rice cooker, a pot, and a mini oven, Dahai has been able to cook bread, soup, pizza, and many other delicious meals in which he had to convert his truck to enable him to cook in it. At first, he started to post videos of him cooking in his vehicle to talk to someone after he was in a financial crisis, and his friends ostracized him in 2017. The results were astonishing as he received 1.2 million followers, who have helped him develop healthier eating habits. Even though the truck driver lives where he drives, he finds joy in cooking and sharing his meals with other truck drivers. He will continue to post more videos of his truck cooking and hope that new truck designs will help improve his life and many other truck drivers.

Like Yu Dahai, we should never give up when we come across a challenging situation. Instead, we must adapt and change our surroundings and life to live as comfortably as we can. It is also great to reach out to people for advice, as help could benefit a person’s life as it had for this truck driver. The more we help each other and adapt to what we have, the brighter our futures are.

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