A Moment of Kindness

Animals, like humans, display many emotions. Some people believe that animals are humans reincarnated, while a lot of people see that an animal’s life is as important as a human’s. Therefore, a lot of people have tried to help animals, such as cats and dogs by adopting them, volunteering in animal shelters, and even look after cats as other people try to find a new home for them. Most notably, the man that is about to be introduced in this article not only helps these furry pets. He also reminds us of what an animal truly needs, which is giving kindness and acceptance to these lovable creatures.

In Wisconsin Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay, 75 year old Terry Laurmen spends most of his days volunteering at his local cat shelter. He mentioned that he liked this animal shelter the best as it gave the cats a more homey setting rather than one that was filled with cages. The retired high school Spanish teacher would brush each cat before he would doze off on a couch with them. During then another volunteer would take a picture of Terry with the cat, and send it through social media.

Astonishingly enough, the cat that was featured in the post with Terry got adopted in less than a day. This is very important as the cat shelter rescues cats and kittens with special needs that are more likely to be euthanized elsewhere. From that post there were 1.6 million views. It also made its way over to Reddit, where it has received hundreds of comments while donations started to pour in the Sanctuary to help these cats who need the help to survive.

Terry, as well as many other volunteers, gives other cats hope as they try to find their new forever homes. Most importantly, they remind us all of a very important message in that disabled cats can still be a part of a family. Just because they need help with their health, doesn’t mean that they are any lesser than a healthy cat with no disabilities. These creatures deserve as much love and life as humans who have disabilities. If we pass over an animal’s disability and health concerns, then we can see a brighter and different personality that matches ours. By helping these cats, or any animals with disabilities, we not only save lives but we bring happiness and love to each other.


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