Spotlight on: Dentists

Our teeth are important as they affect not only our eating habits but our body as well. Without our teeth, our bodies would be damaged due to how our teeth are connected to them. Therefore, I would like to thank our dentists for caring and looking after our teeth and ourselves.

Dentists do a lot for us and our teeth. From cleaning them to pulling out our wisdom teeth, their knowledge is second to none. We relied on these dentists, especially during COVID19, since they had been closed in the early stages of the virus.

Now, to ensure that every worker and patient is safe, they have instilled new machines and procedures to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread in their area. This reminds us that they are part of the health organizations like their doctors and therapists colleagues.
For all the dentists out there, thank you for your work and your care toward our teeth.

We really appreciate you opening up, and risking yourselves to take care of us and our health.

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