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In a time where we are reliant on technology to work, entertain and communicate to others it is only natural for our eyes, minds, and soul hurt from staring at screens.

So I suggest taking a step back from the screen and use a method with significantly less blue light: snail mail. I don’t know about anyone else but growing up and even as an adult I am overjoyed when I get mail that is not digital. If I got a letter it was good day.

It’s a shame that there are some people out there that don’t know the joy of receiving a hand written letter and/or writing one. So while we are all looking for something to do and something to brighten our days I say we all write a handwritten letter and post it.

For my friends I don’t try to make it emotional but instead make it fun by adding stickers, colorful fonts, and washi tape. In the end odds are anyone that receives a letter will appreciate it whether it’s perfect or not; play it by the person.

Above is an example of how to address a physical letter. With each letter you write is an opportunity to relax and step away from technology. Just like the relaxing adult coloring books, the act of physically coloring or writing causes your mind to unwind while doing something creative and productive.

Be it during a pandemic or not, take some time to yourself and write a letter and send it to someone.

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