Spotlight on: Chefs

Juggling work and kids is hard, especially when there’s no school, which makes the house a living tornado zone. The last thing we want to do is to cook dinner, or maybe even think of what to eat tomorrow altogether.

Cooking for oneself could be time consuming from wondering what dish to eat and to getting the ingredients before the actual cooking time, which could take at least twenty minutes for a well deserved meal. It’s hard to do all these things along with the rest of our life responsibilities. For these reasons, we should give our thanks to the chefs who cook our meals.

Not only do our chefs provide us good food, they prepare our meals with the finest ingredients, in which they meet many producers to ensure quality over quantity. These chefs sacrifice their time and heart in providing us these meals. It’s no wonder we feel warm inside whenever we eat their food, whether it’s to dine in or take out.

To the chefs all over the world, even those who are struggling from COVID19, we would like to say thank you for providing us comfort during and before these difficult times.

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