To Those Who Need This

You are valid.

The world is a dark and cold place.

But it is you, who is light and warmth, making this world habitable.

No one can be even remotely you. You are irreplaceable.

It took millions and trillions of years for the universe to make you. All that time was never wasted.

You are beautiful and kind and worth every star in the sky.

You have a heart, a mind, air in your lungs, and presence on this earth.

Being confused means there is more to learn!

Being afraid means you’re not made of stone.

Being emotional means you’re a living being.

Love is love is love is love.

You don’t have to save the world. Or a bunch of people. It’s okay if you save one person.

If that one person is you, then be proud of the strength it takes to save a life – your own life.

You are here. You are meant to be here. Make noise—live life. Smile, cry, laugh, fight, love.

You are VALID.

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