Spotlight on: Delivery Companies

Throughout the epidemic, we had relied on a number of needs and necessities as supplies were reduced, stores were closed, and distancing was required. In some cases, it was impossible for individuals as they were concerned of catching the disease, and risk spreading it to their loved ones.

Fortunately we do not need to worry about venturing outside of our houses as delivery people of all varieties work to supply and deliver the many items we need.

It is thanks to these workers that we are able to clean our houses and ourselves, supply us with entertainment and food, provide us textbooks and supplies needed for home learning, as well as many other items that we need as we contain ourselves in our homes.

These workers work day and night to ensure that these items arrive at our doorsteps while risking themselves out of the safety of their homes. Therefore I, as well as millions of consumers out there in the world, would like to thank you selfless heroes in supplying and delivering our items and orders throughout this year, before, and many more.

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