The Need to Connect

In these modern times, we forget to talk to our friends or families due to work and financial obligations as well as leisure time. While COVID is an unfortunate situation, it sheds some light in that it allows us to connect to our loved ones, especially with quarantine.

It is important to talk to others and see how they are to hold onto the strong connections you share with them. More importantly, it is crucial to check up on them as isolation and loneliness are as deadly as the virus itself if someone hasn’t been talked to for a long time.

These feelings could lead to depression, which isn’t an excellent way to live as the person experiencing it feels that their life is ebbing away each day, and that no one seems to care about them. Therefore, it is really critical that you talk to your friends and family either through the laptop or phone to show how much you care about them and their wellbeing.

Even if you have trouble with your family, try to talk to them because deep down, they’ll know that you are thinking about them and care for them when they are hard on you.

Here are some tips on how to connect to your friends and family:

1) Talk to them on the phone or through video chat. Ask about how their day was, and what they are planning to do next or tomorrow. Reminisce about past events if the present is troubling them. You might even help each other out through these challenging times.

2) Put up a chair and chat with your neighbor within your own yard. You’ll be practicing social distancing while enjoying the pleasure of connecting with your neighbor. Building a good friendship with your neighbor is good so that you can understand and help each other when needed.

3) There are many online games, including online board games, that you could play with a family member or friend. Put up the game and a video chat conference with the people you are playing with and enjoy.

4) As many events and classes are being held online, it is a good excuse to include a friend or family member who is interested in attending these corresponding events. You’ll be able to enjoy the event together, despite it being virtual, and could talk about it after the event is over. It’ll give you and your loved one a chance to talk about the event and learn something from it, which will strengthen your bond and knowledge more than before.

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