Maybe it’s time for a reset … a full life reset

⁣We’ve been conditioned to think a certain way, behave a certain way, and expect to find happiness and fulfillment if we follow certain steps. However, more and more of us are feeling unfulfilled, just running on empty in so many areas of our lives. And nothing is giving us the satisfaction we seek. We find a potential mate that is the perfect checklist, but in truth, we can’t stand them as a person.

We find the “perfect” job, with the “perfect” title, finally getting the salary we thought would make us happy, only to desperately want to leave within a year. We read endless self-help books, see shrinks, and try out the latest craze to find ourselves because we can feel that we are lost, but becoming found, escapes us.

So, what is the solution? I argue that a complete reset is the solution. Think about it, when we lose someone we love, whether due to death or their departure from our lives, it tends to make us re-evaluate things, and can fundamentally change us, so why wouldn’t we apply that same thinking to each and every piece of our lives. Literally, each and every piece.

Really start asking yourself what is your truth about each and every thing, thought, and person. Do you really like or hate a certain food? Certain types of people? Certain places? Did you pick your career path yourself or were you influenced by others? If money was no barrier, what would you actually want to be doing? Do you like the person you are today? Are you clear on who you are? Reset each and every piece of yourself.

Take a sledgehammer to the image you’ve created of yourself, and then see which pieces are part of your story, the one you want to carry with you into the future, and which ones belong in the past, no longer representing the person that you are today and want to be and/or continue being tomorrow. 

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