Audiobooks: Reading of the Future

Gone is the excuse “I don’t like reading.” Audiobooks allow stories to reach even those that don’t like to read.

Humans have been able to record their voices for the future since the gramophones, but jump to the present and we have been graced with audiobooks you can store on your phone.

Though I will always love physical books and seeing them on my shelf, I can’t dismiss the power of the audiobook. By listening, long or difficult books can get done that would otherwise take longer to read and re-read; It was an audiobook that got me through “The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck for school.

Audiobooks give you the option to rewind a few seconds or entire chapters giving people that retain information better audibly a great tool of learning. You can have an entire library in your phone and listen to books, to stories as if you were listening to music. Listen to books while you multitask around the house or on a trip.

Though this a new way to consume a story, you wont loose what the physical book is trying to give you; Information, a tale, life lessons, and anything that was trapped in paper can now be rendered in technology. From fiction to non-fiction, there are many platforms that offer the range of print media just in audio formats.

I highly recommend, whether a reader or not, to give audiobooks a try. There are many websites, apps, and even libraries that offer them.

Some Apps:

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