Exploration: The Greatest Experience in Life

“In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration”  – Ansel Adams    

As we grow older and wiser, we encounter a lot of things in our life. From starting elementary school to finishing college, getting our first job, going to dances and prom, and so on.

These are life experiences that we tend to remember as they are full of memories and feelings that we associate with them. But the greatest experience, or life changing event, that could happen to us is if we travel or did something that is beyond our home and doorstep.

Traveling to other countries, or provinces in our own countries, can lead to many positive traits about ourselves. For one, we could learn a lot about an area’s culture and language that enriches its people and area. Not only will we be learning something new, we would be able to experience the important cultural aspects, and take away some of those aspects to better improve our own lives.

So long as we learn about these cultural aspects, we would be able to share with others in which it may help with their lives and future. As a result, people from different areas would be able to connect to one another while understanding each other and their many differences.

In addition to connecting to others, people would be able to connect to nature through hiking, or sightseeing the many landscapes and important sites in the area. From these experiences, it would lead a person to appreciate nature and what it has to offer.

More so, it would also give them many creative ideas on a project of any kind based on what they see and feel. The many emotions and experiences that a person will feel is more likely to happen in an unfamiliar place than one that is familiar to them.

Even if one cannot travel due to money restrictions, there is a way to explore the world in the comforts of your town or city. Start by looking online or around the neighborhood for an activity that catches your eye. Once you find that activity, go dive in and explore more about it. In this instance you’ll be able to learn more about yourself and your own preferences by delving into an activity that you are unfamiliar with.

Life is all about exploring the unknown to either learn about yourself or improve your skills. You’ll lose nothing from exploring so long as you are careful or aware. If the activity doesn’t suit you, then you could always leave it whenever you want. It will still benefit you when you mention it to your friends about what you did or if you needed the skills in your life later down the road.

We as human beings always have a curiosity trait within us. It’s in our blood. Rather than ignoring this intuition, we should express and use it. By exploring areas or activities that are unknown to us, we gain more memories, skills, and feelings than if we were at home watching it on the TV or laptop. Therefore, follow your curiosity side of yourself and go out into the world to learn something!

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