Laughing, The Body’s Medicine

Human emotions go hand to hand with our body. When we feel excited, we want to run around the place. Likewise, when we are stressed, we might lose our hair or tend to overeat. But how does laughing affect us?

Believe it or not, laughing greatly benefits our body. It relieves any physical tension and stress which allows our muscles to relax for up to 45 minutes after laughing. Furthermore, it eases your mental anxiety, tension, pain, and stress. In other words, it helps release all the negative energy out of our bodies so that we might be able to comprehend a situation more than if we were to keep them. A great plus for laughing is that it helps blood flow throughout our bodies, including our heart, which is highly beneficial. Interestingly enough, laughing boosts the immune system by decreasing stress hormones and increasing immune cells and infection fighting antibodies, such as T-cells, to improve our immune system from any diseases. In fact, a study in Norway found that people who have a strong sense of humor had outlived those who didn’t laugh as much. Who knew that laughing was a way to longevity?

Laughing doesn’t only help our bodies, it also allows us to be closer to people. Laughing brings joy, vitality, and resilience which strengthens good relationships and becomes memorable to the people around us. Laughing also defuses or smooths down a disagreement to help address sensitive issues or reframes the problem that is being occurred. By smoothing down the tension, both parties will be able to talk out the problem with a clear head, and  will be more likely to solve the problem and continue on with the relationship than if laughter did not occur.

So laugh all your worries and tensions out! Life is short and we need to look at another perspective to ease us down and bring us up! Spend time with fun and playful people who will brighten up your life and mood! Like screaming, it’s great to let out your feelings, and to express yourself. The world is tough, so why not cheer ourselves up with a laugh or two to ease it down?


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