The beauty of letting go

“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.” -Unknown

Fall, a season of changing. The time when leaves change from green to scarlet fiery colors, and allow themselves to fall in order to change into something beautiful in the coming season.

In this sense, we too can change by letting go to things that hold onto us. It could be leaving a toxic relationship, leaving a significant other when the relationship isn’t going well and/or nowhere, or letting go of grudges and past conflicts that loved ones or other people have done to you before.

By holding onto these feelings, we oppress ourselves, which makes us unable to improve ourselves. Only by letting go can we relieve ourselves from any unnecessary burdens and start anew. Life is hard, but that makes us more resilient and beautiful as it allows us to experience and learn these new sensations, so that we may spread it to others and make the world better little by little.

We are part of nature. Therefore, we must be the leaves in the tree and change so that we may flourish in the coming season or times.

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