Are you counting down the days until Christmas already?

“Some people are born for Halloween, and some are just counting the days until Christmas.” -Stephen Graham Jones

Once fall comes, the festivities also come along. Everywhere you turn, shopping malls and homes are decorating for the holidays that are approaching. To some people, they might be baffled to see Christmas decorations and items even before October has come. “Why is that?” They would say.

If you think about it, people like to get ready for Christmas even before Thanksgiving. These people would want to finish their preparations before people hit the malls, which will become crowded with last minute Christmas shopping. Also some people view Christmas as a more important holiday than Halloween as it allows families to come together and enjoy the love and warmth that Christmas brings. Due to this, they want to ensure that each Christmas is the best that it can be. What better way than to prepare in advance rather than to stress a couple days before the event?

All that said, we shouldn’t forget about Halloween. While Christmas brings families together, Halloween brings family, friends, and people of all kinds together. The other half of the spectrum likes Halloween as it is a decorative holiday full of spooky tales and horror shocks that gets people’s adrenaine up. In contrast to anime conventions, where it might cost a lot of money to enter, it is free to witness the many costumes that passersby are wearing as one would see while they get some candy.

While a Christmas party is formal, Halloween parties are informal but creative all the same with the many spooky decorations, costumes, and foods that are customized to the holiday’s theme. Halloween is a holiday of fun for people of all ages. It brings them together as they form lifetime memories and jokes that will carry them on throughout their lives.

Each person holds different views of a certain holiday. However, we can all agree that it brings people of all ages together. No matter what holiday you celebrate or see in stores, make the most of each and every one. It only happens once, why not make some awesome memories from it?

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