Spotlight on: Public Transportation Drivers

Cars are expensive to maintain and own as many of us use them for transportation. It is also challenging to drive in a city where there are more people than cars.

However, unlike those who own cars, there are many people who do not own a vehicle. Therefore, they would have to walk to their nearest grocery store to buy their food, which could take a lot of time, energy, and risk to retrieve them.

Luckily public transportation helps everyone alike as they pick up and drop them off in their destination at a low cost. Especially today, these drivers risk themselves every day as the virus is still occurring throughout the United States as well as worldwide. In response, they ensure that their buses, trains, or any other type of vehicle is clean, and that seats are marked so that their passengers don’t risk close contact to each other.

These drivers work long hours and in tough conditions to supply us with a ride to our destination, and at times without thanks from their passengers. But this week we will change those thankless occasions as I and a vast majority of people in the world, would like to say thank you drivers for supplying us with a way of transportation, and for sacrificing your time and risking yourself for those who depend on you.

You really mean a lot to us as you save us the headache and energy to get to our needed destinations. Never think that your job is not essential because you are helping people’s lives with each stop and passenger you encounter.

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