Spotlight on: Parents

Really? Yep!

Being a parent is both a job and a role that we cannot overlook or underappreciated. Without our parents, we would not be able to learn about the world we live, it’s possible dangers, as well as survive from it financially.

Not only do our parents ensure that we are safe, these adults ensure that we grow up with educational and communication skills of various kinds to help us work with other people. Along with work, keeping track of finances, maintenance in the house, cooking, cleaning, and so on, parents have a lot of responsibilities and areas to focus rather than on their kids.

At this time, their children really should be thanking their parents as the school semester starts online. This means that not only will their teachers be teaching them, but their parents will also be teaching them while maintaining the rest of their responsibilities. Due to this and the many other things they had done for you, it’s highly recommended that you hug and thank your parents.

All their sacrifices they had done for you was out of love and wanting you to do the best that you can be. Also, try to help them with the daily chores, they would greatly appreciate a break and know that you value them as much as they value you.

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