Spotlight on: Barbers

A fresh, clean haircut is integral to making oneself look and feel their best. For most men, we leave this ever so important task up to a professional, the barber.

Cutting your own hair can be both expensive and time consuming. Not to mention, very messy, and to do the job well  takes a level of care and finesse that most men don’t have without a decent amount of time and practice. As a result, going to the barber has been made a consistent part of the male routine.

Even with the Covid-19 pandemic many barber shops have worked hard to remain open and provide the well treasured service men the world over have come to rely on. All while maintaining a friendly and welcoming environment.

To the barbers around the world, even those who have been forced to remain closed in these troubling times, I say thank you. Please know you are valued.

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