Think Creatively

It has been said that creativity thrives in limitation. Being cornered in a fight can be intimidating, but it causes you to think of all the possible ways to get out. Similarly, this pandemic has limited us in our travel, our health, and our feelings about the future. Rather than thinking about how the limits intimidate us, let’s think about the ways we can overcome them.

Technology has made it very easy for us to become lazy and lose good habits like exercising and eating right. However, technology has also made it much easier to have access to at-home workout routines, easy and healthy recipes, and contacting friends over video chat or simply over the phone.

The number one way to keep yourself afloat in these hard times is to keep a good mindset when facing things. Piling stress on yourself is not good for your physical or emotional being. Look forward to the future with hope rather than fear and maintain the idea that things will only get better, or at least you’ll become accustomed to it. Trying new things not only activates your creative cells, but it also gives you something to look forward to accelerating in.

Moral of the story: think creatively when it comes to up-keeping your mental and physical health. Little things can add up to contribute to the bigger picture. Helping yourself first will allow you to help and inspire others to help themselves. One step at a time.

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