Speed That Is Not Love

Have you ever sat down with your family over a meal and had a casual talk with them, before one person asks when you are going to get a boyfriend/girlfriend? The atmosphere changes due to that comment, and you might be uneased. All eyes are onto you. You might feel obligated to find a partner and get married because it’s part of life, or your family’s expectations.

While love and marriage is a common trait in life, it is not a concrete life event that needs to happen in everyone’s life. We may have other things that we need to focus on. For example, they might try to understand themselves before understanding the people and friends around them.

Another might be thinking about their career, which gives them joy, and strive for a higher position that pays well and includes many benefits for them. Whatever the case may be, some people may not have time to find a mate, and that’s fine.

Marriage, and even love, is a huge commitment as you are giving another person time, energy, and yourself toward them as they are towards you. It is not a race towards a person’s age or to whoever they are affiliated with to get a boyfriend or girlfriend. What truly matters is if a person is happy with their life.

It is more worthwhile than what other people think about those who are not married. It is to be noted that time does change, as well as a person’s mind. They might want to have a partner later on in their life, but it will do no good to force someone to look if they are not truly ready for it.

If you are thinking of finding a partner to share your life with, do not rush it when you start dating. You will save yourself time and heartache if you take your time, and get to know the person to see if they are right for you. Which is the whole point of love.

To see if the two of you are compatible to each other, truly love each other despite any flaws, and to support each other no matter what the day or future brings. The right person will always be devoted and loyal to you, no matter how long you want to continue the status of being their girlfriend or boyfriend.

Love takes into any forms, and each person is different. Let them decide their futures. Allow them to take as much time as they need to be ready and evolve into these life-changing events. Because it is their life, and their happiness is important before they realize their happiness in others.

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