Sensory Overload

Modern technology has allowed us to stay up to date with the news around the world. Unfortunately, a lot of the information around the world is shit. Add the shitty news to the modern habit of scrolling through all social media multiple times, and it is no surprise that before the day even starts, you and many feel exhausted.

Being constantly shown the bad in the world leaves you to believe that you live in said bad world. Feeling fatigued is the feeling of hopelessness.

I’m not a doctor, but holding on to the feeling of hopelessness is not beneficial to a human. If you feel “exhausted” by all the bad in the world, try doing a detox of social media or even technology. Watching the news or staying current stops being beneficial the moment it starts harming you.

Doing something that brings you joy is better: paint, read, write, talk to someone, sleep, or whatever. When you feel you can take on the world again, good or bad, go back to your scrolling. Remember, in between the apps try to do something positive to counteract the negative that your body intakes from what you experience in the world.

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