Stress? It can manifest in ways you haven’t considered

⁣by Steven Magallanes⠀

Today I noticed an occurance that has actually happened to me before. I started seeing what looked like lighting bolts flickering in my vision. Sort of like a retinal burn that you might get when you’ve looked at a bright light for any length of time; only this lightning bolt was very bright, very obscuring, flickering wildly, and lasted for about 20 minutes.

I looked around on google to check on the symptoms and came up with Occular Migrane, basically my retina not getting enough blood. Well what are the causes, one might ask. Stress mostly. Stress? Seriously?? Why am I the last person to know that I’m stressed.

You see, I also have occasional stomach problems that probably are caused by stress. But I refuse to believe it is stress really. Sure I’m a father and husband and I’m sure that stresses come with that, but I’m pretty sure I get more stressed by a half-hour commute in freeway traffic than a week with my wife and daughter. Most of the time I’m pretty relaxed.

Hell; I was actually in a pretty good mood this week. So where is this stress coming from really? Is it my shoddy diet? Is my libido at fault somehow? Could stress be just a sign of early onset middle-agedness?⠀

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