Spotlight on: Animal Control

Ever since the epidemic started, schools and office buildings have been empty as millions of people have stayed home to protect themselves. As a result, many animals have started to appear due to no supervision from these buildings.

For instance, whenever I walked around my neighborhood elementary school at night during the fall, I would notice many fruit bats and foxes creeping around on the streets. The solution has always been to turn to Animal Control Officers. Thanks to them, they have ensured the safety of my neighborhood and the callers who reported the scene.

These workers are needed more than ever around this time of year as they keep us safe from any more diseases we are trying to prevent. Animal control officers are a median between nature and humans, protecting both parties while maintaining certain boundaries. Without Animal Control, we would have a hard time dealing with wildlife and ensuring that we aren’t injured while remembering the importance of life and how to deal with it as effectively and as morally as possible.

I want to thank all Animal Control staff for protecting us and the nature that surrounds us. You guys are essential as you watch over our young ones and elders who are more vulnerable to getting injuries and diseases from these animals.

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