Exploring Skills and Yourself

In most cases, at a young age we were, or still are, exposed to many activities and ideas. We might have seen a concert in our schools and thought “I want to play the violin”, before coming to our parents to request for lessons.

While these ideas may seem out of the blue, it is a good idea to encourage ourselves and others to pursue upcoming interests. By exploring and doing these activities, a person learns about themselves and their interests. If it seems that they aren’t interested in the task that they started, no worries! It’s better to learn about it than to regret not doing it as time passes.

And who knows? Maybe later on in life that person will get back to the same activity after becoming interesting in it again or finding upcoming job prospects that fitted into their previous experience. In addition, it may help someone to hear about another person’s experience in a certain task before they try it out themselves.

Exploring these activities are a form of skills that will benefit someone in a workplace, if not finding out who a person is through their likes and dislikes. There is nothing to lose, so try out a new activity to help yourself and your peers!

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