Listening: A Gift to Others

With family events, breaks, and holidays coming up, it gives us all a chance to join together with family and friends. The times we spend with each other are irreplaceable as the future changes, but the past stays the same. We might pass the day with our loved ones by playing games or by watching their favorite TV shows with them.

However, above all else, the most important thing we should do each and every time we see them is to talk to them for a long period of time to get to know them more.

Listening is a gift that is more precious than materialistic things. It reveals to your loved one that you are interested in their lives and their experience in life. By asking them questions about their past, they might feel happy knowing that you want to know about them more. Not only does it connect the two of you together, you could learn a lot about your loved one as well as the time that they lived in. This knowledge would be helpful in understanding them and the world that you both live in.

Your perspective might even change, which could impact your life as well as others around you. It’s important to talk to your loved ones for a long period of time as we are on this Earth for a short amount of time. Therefore you might want to learn as much about that person as possible before they pass and are left with this regret of not knowing anything about them, or any family history that you feel is important.

Since its autumn, this season gives you a lot of chances to talk to your loved ones that you should take advantage of. If you want, you could record your conversation with them, with their consent, to preserve the memory for your lifetime as well as many others. Our families and friends have their own stories to tell. Why not take your time and reserve it for them to build a better understanding towards them?

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