Exercises For The Mind

  1. Switch to doing tasks with your non-dominant hand– This forces you to figure out how to maneuver objects once familiar and works on your concentration.
  2. Puzzles – Putting together the many pieces into one cohesive picture enhances fine-motor skills.
  3. Draw maps– Works out your memory the more details in the map you include.
  4. Read out loud– Not only do you hear how you pronounce words, you also are able to learn new words, and increase comprehension.
  5. Brain teasers– They force your brain to think in ways you usually don’t.
  6. Change your routes– By changing routine and familiarity your brain develops its special memory as well as directions.
  7. Learn something new– Expanding your understanding of the many categories in the world will help your understanding of the people in it and your own abilities
  8. Meditate– This helps reset your mind and body to a more calm and receptive state.
  9. Exercise– When exercising your body, helpful endorphins to give the mind and body a natural boost to energy and well-being.

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