Spotlight on: Caregivers

In today’s era, the world is a busy place. It is especially challenging since COVID19 is still around that medical attention is needed for certain people. Despite our busy lives, as well as challenges that we have come across, there are elderly and disabled people who need someone to watch over them daily. Sadly, their families cannot be with them often as they are either supporting them financially by working, or do not know how to help them in the best way that their loved ones require. Who do they turn to?

Luckily there is a profession in the medical field that solves these problems. Caregivers are a type of informal nurses that are eager to help with their patient’s needs. While caregivers don’t have formal training as a nurse or doctor, they provide aid to families who need constant watch of their elderly or disabled family members. But don’t let the informal training fool you into thinking that caregivers are not reliable.

A caregiver’s company ensures that their employees are trained to help their patients, even if it’s not formal such as college education. In addition, the company keeps track of their employee’s health records and shots to ensure that they are healthy to do the job. Therefore a caregiver is more than ready to help with their patients while their family members work and take care of any other obligations that need to be done. In addition to a caregiver, a patient also received a nurse that checks the patient frequently and keeps in touch with the caregiver. In other words, a caregiver’s patient is ensured to be given quality care by them as well as training to keep them safe and healthy.

For all those caregivers out there, I would like to thank you for all of your dedication and hard work. Your work really helps families as you allow them to work and take care of whatever else they need for their survival as well as their loved ones whom you call your patient. I, as well as millions of people out there, especially appreciate your hard work and long hours during COVID19, when these patients need critical attention. Never forget the good work and deeds that you are doing for others as you leave work each and every day!

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