Spotlight on: Teleservice Representative

Ever since COVID19 appeared, hospitals and clinics alike are overwhelmed with the endless stream of patients that need extra help, especially when it comes to communicating with them. Therefore, this week’s spotlight goes to the teleservice representative employees who aid not only the doctors, but to the patients as well.

From providing patients with information to transferring them to their doctors, these guys do it all! They aid patients and doctors alike as they schedule a patient’s appointment and to fill in any questions that a patient might need, which saves doctors some time between their busy schedules.

In addition, these workers are strong and resilient as they get through their day by helping people with their needs even when some patients get angry at them for some apparent reason. In these situations, teleservice representatives try to de-escalate the problem as they try to make their customers happy before moving onto the next. This takes a lot of ongoing dedication and patience, which makes them great workers!

So for all these reasons, we would like to thank all of the teleservice representatives for helping our doctors and us, as patients, especially during COVID19. For never backing down on the job despite the many angry responses to helping us to see our doctors and our needs. We greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into your work to help the many people that needed it.

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