Spotlight on Volunteers

2020 has been a year full of many events, to say the least. Between voting, COVID19, as well as the many wildfires, it seems that there is no shortage of news nowadays.

Moreover, with the rise of diverse publishing formats, almost everyone you encounter will know about these recent events. Some will even use it as an opportunity to help those in need. For these reasons, this week’s spotlight goes to the many volunteers who have given up their time to make a difference in our community as well as other people’s/animal’s lives.

Without these volunteers, there would simply be too much work and not enough hands to complete everything. It might have taken months to count up all the mail-in ballots for the election. Cats and dogs in shelters would not be taken care of properly, and so on. These individuals are great role models that we should all look up to, as unity and an altruistic attitude towards others ensure our collective success. What would we do without them?

So for all of those who have volunteered or who still are, in any shape or form, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking your time off to support and help our community. Your deeds won’t go unnoticed as, without you, we would see a decline in our society and within our humanity that leads us to give and help others.

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