Grouping Animals

If you ever find a need to speak about one type of animal properly, or are on Jeopardy, here is a list of animals and their group names if they ever formed a boyband.

1. A murder of crows

2. A raft of ottors

3. A shrewdness of apes

4. A swarm of bees

5. A glaring of cats

6. A bask of crocodiles

7. An army of frogs

8. A tower of giraffes

9. A smack of jellyfish

10. A conspiracy of lemurs

11. A parliament of owls

12. An unkindness of Ravens

13. A prickle of porcupines

14. A bale of turtles

15. An ambush of tigers

16. A gang of weasels

17. A zeal of Zebras

18. A pack of wolves

19. A gang of buffalo

20. A parade of elephants

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