Rejection: A Test In Itself

Most of us, if not all, have had a rejection, may it be from a first crush, first job, first rejection to publish your story or piece of music, and so on. Initially, the first thought we might think of after being rejected is “I’m never good enough,” or “what’s wrong with me.” In this instance, getting rejection is a test in itself.

By being turned down, a person experiences a lot of stress, trauma, and sadness, especially if it’s something that they wanted badly. In times like these it is important to think if what you are doing is what you truly want in your life. This question is very important as it shows how much you want to achieve what you had been rejected.

If you really want what you got rejected for, you would not abandon your current goal and improve yourself. This result would make you better at what you were trying to accomplish beforehand, in which you would become stronger and wiser to achieve the same goal elsewhere with a high chance of succeeding.

You would take the number of rejections as a way to learn from your mistakes. However, if you decide to give up on what you were reaching for, then it’s best to find another focus point for yourself. But don’t beat yourself up over not succeeding or wasting time.

What truly matters is that you have tried and known that what you want in life lies elsewhere. You just gotta keep looking, and have a lot of hope in finding your passion. This is the true importance of rejection, as it not only helps us find ourselves, it helps us find the future that we truly want to live in.

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