Vegetables, They aren’t Boring!

We have all heard of a common theme of kids not eating their vegetables.

“But it’s good for your health sweetie!” A mother would say to her five year old son, who looks at the spoonful of broccoli with disgust.

“NO!!” He cries. “They taste yucky!”

While a child’s taste buds grow over time, here are some tips that might help you to overcome your children’s (or loved ones!) picky eating in these colorful greens!

  1. Spice them up!

Like all other foods, vegetables need to have some flavoring in order for them to taste good. Most notably, Mexican spices, Indian spices, and Herbal spices are said to be effective as they make vegetables taste interesting. In addition, these spices add to the same, if not more, beneficial nutrients that vegetables aim to provide for human consumption!

  1. Add cheese!

Cheese is a good way to get your children to eat vegetables as they like the flavor of it at a young age. It can be used in many salad or side dish recipes, which will ensure that they get their daily vegetable portions!

  1. Make into a soup!

By putting a wide variety of vegetables into a soup, it will not overwhelm a child as they aren’t looking at the piles of vegetables on their plate. Not only is it easy to feed, but the colors of the soup will make a child more likely to eat the soup as the vegetables are hidden in the broth. Plus with a little help from spices, they will be sure to eat the bowl down, maybe even two!

  1. Compromise 

If your child loves pizza, then use it as a compromising tool. They could have pizza, IF they have mushrooms and bell peppers in their slices. This way, both parties win as your child will have their favorite food while they get their daily serving of vegetables from your side of the table. Also, here’s a good hint for you parents out there! Did you know that you can make macaroni and cheese without the cheese itself? Check out this vegan mac and cheese tutorial though this link!->

  1. Grilling and Stuffed Vegetables

By grilling vegetables, they are likely to have a smoky taste than if they were boiled in a pot. This charred smoky taste is a type of flavoring that your kids will appreciate, especially if they love steak! Stuffed vegetables is also a great way to get kids to eat their vegetables as the meat or other stuffing used inside the vegetable (potato, bell peppers, onion) will seep through it, which makes it more flavorful.


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