Chickens, and How to Cook Em!

That’s right, chickens! Not as expensive as steak, chickens are known to be one of the healthiest meats to cook. However, some people prefer different cuts of meat as they claim that white meat, which is supposed to be healthier than dark meat, is too dry for them to eat. In some cases, this could start a feud over who eats what type of chicken meat. Therefore this guide, which breaks down the whole chicken, will help in ways to prepare certain cuts of the chicken for the whole family to enjoy, no matter the cut!

White Meat

Best methods of cooking: Broiling, sautéing, stir-frying, and grilling

  • Breast= stuffed (vegetables, cheese, etc.), brining breast for a short amount of time before cooking to prevent it from getting dry, flattening breast before grilling is also a great way to keep it from getting dry,
  • Wings= marinades of various kinds from mild to spicy

Dark Meat

Best methods of cooking: Roasting, braising, and frying

  • Thigh=  Seasoned with multiple spices and marinades
  • Drumstick= Seasoned  with multiple spices and marinades


  • Chicken bones= Used for chicken stocks. Simmer overnight and skim frequently for intense flavor
  • Giblets= Can be used to make gravy, Pate for bread dishes, roasted, or stewed
  • Need some more inspiration for your chicken dishes? Head to the link below and fast forward to 14:35!


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