How Tragedy Turns Into a Miracle in Australia

By now, almost everyone has heard about the wildfires earlier in 2020 that had resulted in the many deaths of wildlife and people alike. Due to many nations and specialists’ help, the wildfires have been contained as Australia’s wildlife begins to grow again.

While the environment and animals may take a while to heal and populate again, there is at least the good news that there have been three new confirmed marsupial species in the country!

The new species have been confirmed on Monday, November 9, 2020, as they were discovered in the forest part of Australia’s eastern coast. The three new species are named by their Latin names: Petauroides Volans, Petauroides minor, and Petauroides armillatus. It is to be noted that Australia has the highest rate of species lost in any area in the world.

Therefore, these new marsupial species further encourage scientists and biologists to find ways to preserve these species from extinction, especially since so little is known about them.

While the wildfires are a tragedy as many lives have been lost, it is also a beacon of hope and change as new species are being found just months after the event happened. From this, we should learn that tragedies are not always bad. They may reveal new life and encourage us to do better than before to preserve them for the future of their species and the country’s environment. Humans and animals alike share this world and depend on one another for survival. As a result, we should do everything we can to preserve each other’s species; else, we would perish along with the Earth that we call home.


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