Spotlight on: Trash Collectors

Every day we produce more trash than we can fathom. From receiving packages to cooking and even taking care of infants and pets, the pile begins to accumulate in just a single day! We rely on our trash to be taken out to keep our environment clean and orderly. For these reasons, this week’s shout-out goes to the Trash Collectors who take care of our trash and dispose of it correctly!

In all honesty, these men and women are strong! They are not easily swayed by the smells of the never-ending lines of trash cans they pass by. Not only that, but they work all day long, which can be exhausting.

While trash-collecting may not be considered a great job, it is an essential job. Without these workers, our streets would be littered with garbage, and we would succumb to the same sickness as the Romans, who had poor hygiene because of all the trash lying around their empire. So yeah, Trash Collectors should be looked upon with admiration rather than scorned because they protect us from disease and ruin!

So thank you, Trash Collectors, for all of your hard work and willpower in doing your job! I know that it may not be pleasant, but please know that you are doing the community a great service. Think of it; you are preventing another disease outbreak that could impact us heavily should it happen alongside COVID19! You really do matter – to our community as well as to our country for keeping us clean and sanitary.

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