Spotlight on: Pharmaceutical Scientists

Medicine is a necessary means to prolonging human life as it destroys diseases and viruses that threaten it. We are lucky to be born and raised in an age where such a thing exists, as before medicine appeared, it was common for people to die at an early age. For these reasons, this week’s spotlight is dedicated to the pharmaceutical scientists that have created new medications to help destroy these diseases and help us understand how to use them and the effects that they produce.

Being a pharmaceutical scientist is not easy. They pour in their time and energy into studying before spending countless hours creating new medications after studying more to make them. Especially during the year of COVID19, we are incredibly grateful for the time and energy these people have poured into creating a way to get rid of the virus. Without this profession, we would have reverted back to the 1300s, and living after the age of 50 would be a huge accomplishment.

So for all of you pharmaceutical scientists, we would like to say thank you for sacrificing your time and energy to allow us to be healthy and battle out any diseases that threaten our lives. You really make a critical difference in our lives, for we could not go on without you. We hope that once COVID is more under control, that you get the much-deserved rest, you need.

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