No Gym? No Problem!

Despite restaurant and stores opening, there are some states who are still closing their gyms due to safety regulations. Therefore you might miss the atmosphere or the benefits from a gym membership. Moreover, you might feel a little stir-crazy from being in the house too much or lack of activities to do. To keep your mind and body going, here are some ideas that will benefit more, if not some, of what a gym could provide you. Best of all, the majority of these tips are free!

Walking Outdoors

The world is your oyster! So why not walk and enjoy nature’s beauty? There’s little risk in exposure to people so long as you maintain distance. With the steep hills and fast pace, you’ll be sure to tone your legs. It’s also beneficial to expose yourself to the sun to obtain the Vitamin D that you need to boost your immunity. Who knows what you’ll encounter in your walk? It’ll make your day enjoyable!


The internet is full of yoga tutorials that you could do at home! By doing yoga, you’ll be able to stretch and move your body to build muscle. Moreover, it’ll help with your inner self as you develop a calm atmosphere through your breathing and awareness of your emotions. This is a good activity whenever you feel stressed of any worries or fears that you may have.

Movement-Based Games

If you prefer working out indoors, then this is for you! Games consoles such as the Wii, Wii U,  Nintendo Switch, XBox Kinect, Playstation Virtual Reality, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4, have games in which you can move around while having fun at the same time! It’s as easy as going online, and buying the corresponding game to get your body and heart moving!


Your routine has probably changed due to the epidemic, especially if you have kids and are homeschooling them. For this reason, it’s important to map out your day so that you could accommodate everyone’s needs, including yourself. Any free time that you have to yourself could be used for exercise, as ongoing exercise per day will benefit you both physically and mentally. If working out alone seems to be a problem, try reaching out to a friend and video calling them while exercising. Have family living with you? Make it fun by including them in your exercise routine. Not only will their bodies benefit from it, it will also benefit your relationship with them by talking and addressing concerns that your loved ones might have.

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