Why is it that we are all expected to only show ourselves when we are happy? Or when we are forcing a smile? A grin? A duck face? What about the times we are in pain? Crying? Upset? Angry? Furious? We never show those extremes. It’s almost the black sheep in the room because we are expected to just be happy. But who is actually happy? Do you know of these mythical creatures that are genuinely happy on a daily basis, on the regular?⠀

There is this myth permeating our culture that the goal of life is to find happiness. But we are also told that happiness are just moments and that we should be striving for contentment. Of course, we should be grateful. De facto by being able to read this article, you know you’re in an exponentially better situation than most of the world. But that almost can cause more internal pain. We are constantly being made to feel worse for feeling bad. Getting guilt tripped into appreciation, only to tumble further down internally.⠀

So here is a crazy thought, that might just help us connect with ourselves and others better: What if the path to happiness is to connect with others over the ugly?

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