Work Friends

It’s hard making friends once you turn thirteen. It’s even harder when you’re a working adult, which is why I recommend making friends at work. From my experience, making friends at work is less stressful because there is no commitment that these friends have to be invited to your wedding or the birth of your first child unless you want you. Of course you can make lifelong friends from work, but you get a job mainly for the job and not the people you might become friends with.⠀

Unlike trying to make friends out in the wild, at work you already have something in common: Your job! With work friends, you can complain, joke, praise, and just talk about your work and all its facets to each other and still be able to follow along. Through talking about work, you will gain the confidence to talk about other topics, finding interests or not that you can share. Soon you will have your very own work friend.⠀

Having people at your job that see you as their friend will also help your overall happiness. You will be able to depend on someone other then yourself at your work. It could be work related or personal. Need to switch shifts? It is a lot easier to switch with a friend. Don’t know how to do something? Ask a work friend. Need to complain about a customer? Let it out to your work friend. Having friends at your work can really make a job more bearable.⠀

So when it’s hard to make friends normally, turn to your job.

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