To Date or Not To Date

No matter if the epidemic is still going on or not, it is as good as any time to start dating so long as you are ready and doing it safely on the internet. In fact, there’s no better time to start dating than in COVID19 as many people are home and connecting with others on social media.

Due to this, it would give you time to meet other people and learn about them, which is important in a relationship. It would also give you time to think if the person you are talking to would be your ideal partner that you might want to share your life with.

If not, then it’s as easy as clicking or blocking the person away. You would save money since you don’t have to use gas money to get back to your home after the date as you are already there!

Remember to be yourself when talking to your potential date, whether it’s through text or video chat. You wouldn’t want to hide anything about yourself as this determines how you would want to live your life.

Don’t live in the shadows, and reveal your true colors! Also be kind to yourself if you feel as if you messed up on your virtual date. No one is perfect, and your true partner would respect and love your flaws as much as he loves the rest of you.

Lastly, remember to say no when you feel that things between you and your virtual date are getting uncomfortable or too far into situations you don’t want to do. Stand up for yourself and your life. If you are still feeling uncomfortable about your date, then click them away.

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