Spotlight on: Fast Food Workers

When the country shut down for weeks, any dine in restaurant also shut down. It would seem that Americans would have to get used to the idea of cooking for themselves. But thanks to the invention of the “drive through” fast food restaurants were able to remain open while staying in compliance to the restaurant mandates.

So while you couldn’t go into a McDonalds, you could take your order from the drive through window. Because of the closures of restaurants and the crowded supermarkets, fast food joints became busier than normal, and the workers of these establishments also became busier than before.

Many pre-pandemic saw these workers as a low-end job in the grand scheme of the economy but during the pandemic, they were some of the few workers that handled food that weren’t in a supermarket.  Fast food workers almost without pause continued and still continue to provide a food service when others cannot.

Through all the orders, rude customers, and trying times they themselves are also living through, these workers are nothing left then superhuman. So on behalf of all fast food eaters, thank you for your hard and sometimes underappreciated work.

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