Inexpensive Workout Equipment For A Better Body

For some, if not most, people look at a gym membership and think “that’s way too expensive”, especially when they struggle to find the time to go to the gym with life responsibilities on their shoulders. Buying your own gym equipment might be expensive too. However these gym equipment and tips will ensure that your wallet won’t be empty, and that you’ll still achieve the body you envisioned to have.

1) Stairs

No matter where you are, there is always a set of stairs nearby. Although it’s a simple tool, running and walking up and down a flight of stairs will be a great cardio exercise to get your heart pumping. You could also use them for box jumps, tricep dips, step-ups, and decline push –ups.  There are many stair exercise videos on YouTube if you would like to learn more on how to utilize them.

2) Kettlebell and Dumbbells

This equipment comes in a variety of different pounds to improve on your upper and lower body and core exercises. You could even use them while you are running outside your house. With each lift and dedication to your workout, you’ll sure to feel your muscles getting lean and toned.

3) Jump Rope

Who said that you’re too old to Jump Rope? This childhood exercise will tone your leg muscles as well as the rest of your body. The important thing is to build up a longer duration each time you use this equipment if you are just starting out. By knowing some Jump-Rope songs, it’ll make your workout seem like fun rather than a chore.

4) Pull-Up Bar

Starting at $30 in, this equipment will tone your upper body if you are up to the challenge! By doing Pull-Ups, Chin-ups, Toes above bar, Knee raises, climber pull-up, negative pull-ups, windshield wipers, hanging reverse shrugs, as well as many other exercise techniques you’ll be sure to feel the results. Keep in mind that these exercises are challenging, but are very effective if you are committed to the hard work.

5) Ankle Weights

These equipment are inexpensive as you could get them at Walmart for at least $15. Ankle weights are good to strengthen your abs, glutes, hips, calves, shins, thighs, shoulders, and many more. The key to Ankle weights is constant repetition of use and exercise each day to improve your body and the parts mentioned above. Some exercises include Squat with leg lift, supermans, weighted arm circles, weighted lunges, and many more!!

6) Punching Bag

This equipment is more than useful if you need to vent off your anger or to let your emotions out. Starting at $30, a punching bag is great for your whole body as it involves your legs, arms, and heart! After some experience using this, you might get some high kicks if your flexibility is good. This equipment might even help with your agility and reaction times as well! Verywellfit [1] has some great exercise routines should you ever own or plan to get a punching bag.

7) Yoga Mat

This inexpensive equipment can be found even in Five and Below stores! It is useful to by this item when doing yoga to avoid any injury as the mat’s material will protect you from slipping away. Many yoga exercises are found throughout the web and YouTube. The benefit of doing yoga is not only for flexibility, but to be aware of your feelings and having a relaxing time while strengthening your muscles throughout your body.


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