Spotlight on: Bookstores

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hands.” – Neil Gaiman

Though many people still enjoy a physical book instead of e-readers, places to obtain (buy) said physical books in the real world are dwindling. Bookstores, for centuries, have been not only a habitat for reading material, but also a refuge for bibliophiles young and old.

Bookstores allow for an abundance of books in one place. Unlike ordering online, prospective readers are allowed to see the book before they buy it. Books have unique cover art, page design, and a presentation that you can experience to the fullest in person. You can read the first few pages to see if you want the book. And you can immediately start reading once you purchase the book in person. Many books that would otherwise go unnoticed online can catch the eye of many. So many books in one place unintentionally created a peaceful environment; who would go to a bookstore to get stressed?

Unfortunately, bookstores are slowly but surely becoming endangered. They aren’t at polar bear levels, but the tech age has struck again. Online ordering, lower online prices, and next day arrival from competitors like Amazon have cut the bookstore population down.

There are still some book lovers that go to the bookstores, but sadly there isn’t enough to stop from many local independent bookstores from closing. Even some big company bookstores are closing some of their stores around the country. And with the pandemic keep even more people from going out to bookstores.

When you venture out into the world to a bookstore, understand that it takes a toll on the employees and the company to keep the bookstore running in trying times. If there is an inconvenience, please be patient. Please don’t touch what you don’t intend to buy. Try not to go out to the store for just one item. Help the bookstore by purchasing more than one book or small coffee.

Bookstores create an atmosphere you didn’t know you needed until you don’t have it.

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