Spotlight on: Farmers

You had just gotten back to the grocery store with a basket full of ripe vegetables and fruits that are waiting to be cooked. As you cook them, the vegetable’s aromatic smell fills your kitchen from its hearty flavor that is full of love. These flavors come from our dedicated farmers who work long days and hard labor to produce us with healthy produce that keeps our minds and bodies going.

More so, thanks to them, many families who are struggling to buy food due to COVID19 have these substances as these kind farmers donate their crops to help these families eat for days to come. We owe a lot of thanks and appreciation for all the hard work they do to supply us with these good nutrients in our meals.

The next time you see a farmers market near your town, take the time to thank these farmers as well as supporting them by buying their food. Like everyone else, they are struggling, too, as COVID19 is still affecting businesses from fully opening to the public. We need to let them know that they are essential in our lives. Appreciation, as well as aid, goes a long way, especially for these great food professions.

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